Welcome from Lucia, Sunneva, and Livia, three delicate flowers of Southern womanhood!

Hooray, a theme that works!

Colors and fonts need work, but otherwise things are looking much, much better.

Problems: PDFs aren’t uploading. Perhaps files are too large. Feh.

Slightly better?

But still wonkified.

We’ll get there.


Yes, the theme is wonkified.

Working on it.

Wistric status update

Euterpe (music): done, though I now realize how many pieces are unfinished/need tweaking

Ares (combat): quarter-to-half done, it’s the next big project (and, again, some elements are unfinished and boy do I need to sit down and get crackin’)

Thalia (poetry): starting, yet another where it would sure be nice if I could actually have finished content to upload

Athena (teaching): done


Sunneva’s Gallery is complete and Wistric’s Spanish Pieces is coming along! Hooray!

Now for a theme!

But first, work!

Testing, testing,

Welcome to the new and soon-to-be improved blog of champions! Or at least the belles of Casa Bellini.

The Belles of Casa Bellini. You get what you pay for.

The Belles of Casa Bellini. You get what you pay for.

This is our blog!

Content coming soon!