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Lady Sunneva de Cleia. Taken at Ymir 2008 by Baron Bardulf of Bordervale Keep (http://bordervalekeep.com/PORTS1.htm).

Lady Sunneva de Cleia. Taken at Ymir 2008 by Baron Bardulf of Bordervale Keep (http://bordervalekeep.com/PORTS1.htm).

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Sunneva’s Class Notes

September of 2005 found my lord and I adrift in the modern world. Young newlyweds, barely out of college, and living in a new place with nobody familiar. On a rainy night we stumbled, drenched, into the Canton of Kappellenberg’s business meeting. The meeting was boring, but the people were great! Instant social life! We went out to dinner with the group and I met Livia. Livia introduced me calligraphy, and a fabulous friendship was born.

The next year was eventful. For instance, our garb improved. Greatly. I got off to a running start by creating Sunneva de Cleia, the 1105 English woman I purport to be on weekends. Sunneva shocked Livia by winning a competition with her first art project, and thus Livia was set on notice. By this time Livia had been apprenticed to Maestra Lucia for several months. They planned and plotted, then popped the question to me in February. Lucia and I were engaged by Ymir, and I was apprenticed to her June 17.Through her guidance and wonderful teaching, I managed to become known as an artisan and received a Coral Branch by the hand of Ragnarr and Anneke.

By March of the following year I was displaying with some regularity. Atlantia’s Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival became my favorite event in 2007, and I love it to this day.

A year later I entered my first (and to date, only!) big competition, the St. Catherine’s Arts and Sciences tourney. That was one of the more difficult things I have ever done, but I believe I earned the respect of several peers in the kingdom, and I made contacts that I never knew were out there. The result of that event got me teaching, and I’ve now taught one class at a university and two at a collegium. All of this must have put me on the Kingdom artisanal radar because on September 20, 2008, I was inducted into the Order of the Pearl.

Hall Steward, Battle of the Oranges 2008
Various and sundry troll sittings, retainings, and helping outs.

She totally deserved it.

She totally deserved it.


Occasionally I shove my apprentice sister and then laugh over it.



Um… can I be authorized in smart-assery?

Companion of the Boreas, 2006
Companion of the Coral Branch, 2006
Award of the Notus, 2008
Companion of the Pearl, 2008

Classes taught
Effective SCA Research Techniques (Canton of Kappellenberg, 2006)
Ornament on the Edge: Book Edge Decoration in the Middle Ages and Renaissance (University of Atlantia 71, 2007)
Book Edge Decoration in the Middle Ages and Renaissance (Canton of Kappellenberg, 2007)
Sometimes an “A” Is Just an “A”: Analyzing Historical Scripts (Runestone Collegium, 2008)
Fetch me a feather: Making quills (Runestone Collegium, 2008)

Articles published
“Ornament on the Edge” (cowritten with Mistress Gwerfyl verch Aneirin, known as Aneira), Tournaments Illuminated, Second Quarter 2008